Peace And Understanding

Welcome to this wiki, which is a site for Green Party members to debate constructively the complex problems of the Middle East, focusing particularly on the question of Israel and Palestine.

There has been a long discussion on the Green Party England and Wales discussion list about Israel. Email lists are unsatisfactory ways of dealing with systems analysis because they are linear, and systems (of which the Israel/Palestine conflict is one example) are not. I hope that we will find that this wiki will reflect the complexity of the situation in a simple way. The intention is to lay down some axioms that we can all agree on, and then debate the less consensual areas in a constructive way, aiming to create statements that we can all agree on, and if we cannot agree, to lay out the differing assumptions that lead to the contradiction. In this way, we can hope to build up a consensual view of what is happening, and of the way to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

There will be a tendency for us to express the emotions that exist in the parties in conflict. This is inevitable, and when it happens, we must be aware of what is happening, and remove the emotive language. The beauty of a wiki is that anyone can edit any page, so if we identify pejorative language, we can simply delete those words. We may be able to express the thought in more neutral language.

I reserve the right to remove and block anyone who is persistently abusive and unhelpful.

Please use your real name, not a pseudonym, since we are all Green Party members.

At the moment, the wiki is just open to GPEW members. I hope that we will be able to progress to inviting the Israel Green Party and Arab Green Parties to join us.

Finally, this is an experimental venture. We are all learning how to work it, both technically and conceptually. Be patient, be persitent, be peaceful.

Richard Lawson

The debate starts here: The Core

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