Annapolis: Pacification, not peace

The Annapolis Conference was held at the US military academy (ie, neutral). It aims for a negotiated two-state settlement by end of 2008, shortly before Bush leaves office. 44 nations attended, even some not recognising "the Zionist state".

The likelihood, given the history, is that America and Israel will effectively exclude Palestinian wishes and will arrange for their further manipulation and dispossession.

Involved were the state of Israel and Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Abbas is also PLO Executive Ctte chairman, yes, the Palestine Liberation Organisation. (which may help explain why people are not voting for him). Excluded were the elected government of Palestine, ie Hamas. This is because it has been designated a terrorist organisation by Israel and America (who, of course, are not terrorist organisations) and others. Also attending were the UN's Ban, and the UK's Blair.

The proposed two-state solution would effectively be a tiny bantustan perhaps amounting to 15% of the original area of Palestine, based on 4 or 5 areas or cantons, surrounded on all sides by Israeli settlements and the military.

Israel would control all agricultural imports or exports, or arms for policing and pacification of the Palestinian people, entry and exit of people.

PM Ehud Olmert said prior: "Annapolis is a landmark on the path to negotiations, and to achieve the realisation of the vision of two nations: the state of Israel, the nation of the Jewish people, and a Palestinian state." Note the language. For Ehud Olmert, Israel will be defined as a Jewish state. Exclusively. Ie, it defines out of existence the nearly 2 million Palestinains who are presently within the "Green Line".

See Tikkun: Jeff Halper article on Israel's strategy for permanent occupation. Polls: vast majority of government have no intention of a fair solution. "Israeli control of the entire land of Israel is never to be compromised."

George Bush, commencement of talks, lays out US policy: "This settlement will establish Palestine as a Palestinian homeland, just as Israel is a homeland for the Jewish people."

Progress is dependent on attachment to the "Road Map". Initial provisions of this call for intense "anti-terrorist" actions by the Israeli state: " a relentless series of security relarted activities… against militant groups and arresting all militants…"

Halper points out, the project is "transfer", ie, ethnic cleansing. "The future of Israel's Arab citizens is in a future Israeli state not in a Palestinian state itself."

Two weeks before Annapolis, the Knesset passed a new law requiring 2/3 Knesset vote to change the status of Jersusalem. Ie, its relentless expansion, closing off access routes, excluding Palestinian population, with walls, barriers, exclusive roads.

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