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This is a text submitted to SOC for Spring Conference 2008. It was voted down.
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Palestine & Israel


*IP513 *

Although Zionism predated World War 2, the Nazi Holocaust motivated Jews
to found a state for their people in Israel. The State of Israel has had
an expansionist policy ever since its foundation, displacing
Palestinians to an extent that could be characterised as ethnic
cleansing, and has also denied human rights to Palestinians. In
retaliation for displacement and repression, Palestinians have fought
back with hijackings, stones, rockets, and suicide bombings. In
retaliation, Israel has responded with ever-greater aerial bombings
culminating with the unacceptable bombing of Lebanon in 2006. The
retaliatory, violence-based policy of both sides is causing immense
human suffering to the peoples of both sides, particularly the
Palestinians. Militarism is causing polarisation of opinion, and an
escalation of violence that could lead to wider conflict in the Middle
East and even global conflict, which could even escalate into nuclear
war. In order to avoid this, all parties must focus on a peace
settlement based on negotiation and compromise, with cooperation in the
task of creating a sustainable economy in their arid land. This
cooperation must therefore be based on water management solutions which
must be innovative and intensive.

Our role as Green Parties is to conceive of a way for this situation to
come about by dialogue with Green Parties and groups in Europe and the
middle East. The case for peace is overwhelming from a rational point of


*IP514 *

Mutual recognition of the rights of independent statehood and secure
borders of Palestinians and Israelis; a rapid end to the violence and
de-escalation of the arms build-up in the region; enforcement of UN
resolutions 242 and 338; international assistance so that both the
Palestinian and Israeli states can develop co-operative self-reliance in
water management, food production and basic services and industries;
long term exploration of the possibility of establishing a confederation
with neighbouring states, with free and equal access for each state's


*IP515 *

The Green Party believes that all Israelis, Palestinians, and their
families should have and be able to exercise full human and civil rights
throughout Israel and the occupied territories. Israel should be subject
to the Geneva Convention concerning the rights of individuals and

*IP516 *

a)The Green Party calls for the implementation of United Nations
Resolutions 242 and 338.

b)The Green Party calls on the Palestinians to recognise the right of
the State of Israel to exist within secure borders.

c)The Green Party calls on the Israeli Government and the PLO to
unequivocally reject violence as a means of settling their conflict.

*IP517 *

The Green Party calls on Israel to repeal its present "law of return"
because it is incompatible with the full exercise of human rights and is
implicitly discriminatory.

*IP518 *

a)The Green Party calls on Israel and the Arab states to recognise and
comply with United Nations resolutions and instruments.

b)The Green Party calls on Israel to have direct talks with
representatives of the Palestinians with a view to ensuring genuine
religious, political, economic and other human rights for all people
within Israel and the occupied territories.

c)The Green party calls on Israel to allow Palestinians and their
families to return to their former homes and be offered full Israeli
citizenship, or to compensate those unable or unwilling to return to
their homes and/or property.


The Green Party calls on the Arab states to agree a mutual
non-aggression pact, and a non-aggression pact with Israel. Such pacts
must be guaranteed by the international community.


The Green Party calls on the United States government to use its special
relationship with Israel to halt military and financial support until
Israel enters the dialogue called for above.

(these next 2 paragraphs have been added 22 Nov 2007.)

Since Israel wishes to join the EU, it must develop compliance with the Copenhagen criteria that define whether a nation is eligible. The political criteria include Rule of Law, Human Rights and respect for and protection of minorities. The Green Party will require firm evidence that Israel is in compliance before supporting Israel’s application. In 2006, we are deeply concerned about the isolation of Gaza with the closure of the border crossings which is causing a deepening humanitarian crisis.


We wish for the UK and the EU to establish communication with Hamas who were democratically elected by the Palestinain people, and no peace agreement is possible without them. The communications will convey our disagreement with the Hamas Charter and press them to accept the impossibility of a single state solution, especially a single Islamic state.

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