Paths To Peace

This page is for people to list ways in which the people can reach peace.

Peace cannot be built on racism nor on falsehood.
There is significant bias towards Israel in American (and British) media. The story of the Palestinians consequently gets under-emphasised compared to the right of Israel to defence.

The Green Party can help by redressing this balance when speaking or campaigning or making policy. We can challenge the assumptions of America and indeed Israel on what is right. We can also challenge other groups but these two should come first as they are the superpowers in the conflict.


Link to Fabian pamphlet on trust building: [[]]

Link to the Roadmap:

One Voice movement: Israeli and Palestinians for Peace:

The Mugger Analogy - is it not understandable that Palestinians should fight?

Two State solution Is the outcome to be Israelis and Palestinians living together in a single state, or living in separate areas?


Cooperation on Water - how working together on water issues can divert anger

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