The Case Against America

American involvement with Israel is key to the continued aggression within and around that state.

In 2007 America announced military aid amounting to $60 billion to the region. The vast share of this, $30 billion goes to Israel. Through America Israel has the fifth largest air force in the world including very advanced fighter jets. Israel has an airbase in Turkey (!) not far from the American airbase at Incirlik. Its nuclear arsenal of an estimated 250 warheads would seem to have no little American provenance.

Yet American fuelling of this and future conflicts is costing America dear. The disastrous war in Iraq is not winnable by America. It will continue to cost billions, hundreds maybe thousands more American lives, and many uncounted tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, children, women, and men.

America should bring its troops home and make space for true self-determination to take place. This need not result in another Sadadm Hussein - we remember that the coup that brought the Ba'ath Party to power in the 1960's was described by the CIA as "its favourite". However, America has no such intention.

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