The Case Against Israel

This page is for people to list the ways in which the Israeli Government is contributing to the ongoing suffering.

A specific question: is there a case for Israel to come under pressure from the international community in order to motivate them to negotiate peace?

Yet more specific: Is there a case for an Academic Boycott?

The academic boycott seems to be fading as an issue.

Israel has a case to answer re

1. ethnic cleansing
2. human rights abuses
3. disproportionate force (viz Lebanon 2006)
4. ignoring UN resolutions
5. Its treatment of Mordechai Vanunu

There is a case for targeted sanctions against the Israeli Government, or possibly, the warlike part of the Israeli Government, sanctions aimed at getting Israel to negotiate a fair and just solution.

This is to balance the fact that the Palestinians are to all intents and purposes the defeated party in this conflict.

Regarding targeted sanctions against the Israeli war machine, Britain supplies a certain amount of defence-related equipment such as spare parts for helicopters, but has ruled not to supply heavy arms such as tanks, helicopters, aircraft, and so on. Key to those supplies is American backing amounting now to 3 billion dollars in military aid per year. Ways forward would involve moves to tighten further any British defence-related supplies and to seek to weaken the American commitment.

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