The Case For Peace

This page is for people to list ways in which peace will stop the suffering of the people and increase their well being.

The case for peace seems overwhelming from a rational point of view.

However, some pro-palestinians use the Mugger Analogy, saying that if you had been mugged, you would want to fight to get tour property back. In the analogy, Israel is the mugger, Palestine the muggee, and the land is the property.

The problem here is that the mugger is armed with a big club, and the muggee lies bleeding on the ground. The muggee keeps kicking at the mugger's ankles, but every time he does so, the mugger is laying into him with his club, causing terrible damage.

The reality refllected by this analogy is that the "kill ratio" of children is one Israeli child dead for every 10 Palestinian child.

Reason suggests that the Palestinians should stop kicking in the expectation that the international community will then bring pressure on the Israelis to stop hitting.

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