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1 Although Zionism predated World War 2, the Nazi Holocaust motivated Jews to found a state for their people in Israel.

2 The State of Israel has had an expansionist policy ever since its foundation, displacing Palestinians to an extent that could be characterised as ethnic cleansing.

3 The State of Israel has also denied human rights to Palestinians.

4 In retaliation for displacement and repression, Palestinians have fought back with hijackings, stones, rockets, and suicide bombings. The latter have a special effect in destroying inter-community trust, since it causes Israelis to view every Palestinian, man, woman or child, not as a person, but as a potential bomb.

5 In retaliation for that, Israel has responded with ever-greater aerial bombings, culminating with the unacceptable bombing of Lebanon in 2006.

6 The retaliatory, violence-based policy of both sides is causing immense human suffering to the peoples of both sides, particularly the Palestinians, because of Israel's superior military power. To put tragedy in numerical terms, the child-kill ratio stands at about ten dead Palestinian children for every dead Palestinian child.

6 Militarism is causing polarisation of opinion, and an escalation of violence that could lead to wider conflict in the Middle East and even global conflict, which could go nuclear.

7 In order to avoid 6, the UN must broker a peace settlement based on negotiation, compromise, a two state solution and cooperation in the task of creating a sustainable economy in the area based on wise water management.

8 Our role as Greens is to conceive of a way for 7 to come about, both within the Green Party, so that our candidates have well-thought our responses on the panels, and within the European Green Party, and the Global Greens, who will soon have representatives of Israeli and Middle Eastern Green parties joining up.

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