The Mugger Analogy

The pro-Palestinian camp often use the image of a street theft, when confronted with the question of rocket and suicide attacks on Israel. "Would you just let someone walk off with your wallet?" they say, "Is it not natural to what to get your wallet back?"

They also point out that under the UN Charter, it is legal to fight against an occupying force (but not legal to use force directly against civilians, which is what both sides are doing with their rockets and bombs).

To revert to the mugger analogy, the Israeli mugger has knocked down the Palestinian, and taken his land. The Palestinian lies bleeding on the ground, but keeps kicking the Israeli on the ankles. Each time he kicks, the mugger hits him hard with a large club.

In short, the Palestinians are clearly getting the worst of it, and would do better to abandon the tactic of violence. To do this, they need the rest of the world to bring non-violent pressure, diplomatic and economic, to persuade the Israelis to negotiate constructively.

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